Nice to meet you!

I’m Roberto Pesce, a Brazilian/Italian Product Designer with 6+ years of experience working with startups and multinational companies. How do I differentiate from other Product Designers? Well, I come from the business side of the force. Yes, besides design, I also love business, analysis, strategy, and numbers. This is probably where my passion for product development comes from.
Not enough to differentiate? Maybe not, but, as a very curious reader

I am always learning new skills from books, articles, formal education and, most important, LIFE EXPERIENCES.

The thing is, if I believe that the User-Centered approach is one of the best ways (ok, the best in my opinion) to address meaningful problems and provide effective solutions, how can I put myself on users’ shoes without knowing them well? This is why I believe that as more experiences I have, more able to advocate for users, and a better designer I’ll be. So, by following this philosophy, I’ve earned a B.B.A, an MBA in Project Management, and a Certificate in Graphic Design. I’ve also attended to many other online and offline courses, congresses and meetups.

Ok, but, as we all probably agree, studying is not all in life and

I also learned from living in three Countries, opening two startups, and working for two multinational companies.

Living experiences is also pretty interesting as you also discover some weird things about yourself:

Well, so, as you can see I’m an Experience Designer on 100% of my spare time, as well as on 100% of my working time. I like to live to become better. I trust on my own experiences to understand the world on users' shoes, and I do that because I love my job and really believe that good experiences build more than just products, but moments. More than just solutions, but behaviors, feelings, and continuity. And as I usually say,

By the end of the day, it’s all ABOUT USERS!